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Learn & Explore the best of scuba diving courses with Samudra Adventures

1.Try Scuba Diving

The “Try Scuba Diving” activity is  This introductory session gives you a taste of the magic beneath the waves under the close supervision of our experienced instructors.

2.Open Water Scuba Diving

The Open Water Scuba Diving course is your gateway to becoming a certified diver, allowing you to explore the underwater world independently up to a depth of 18 meters

There is even lot to explore

The greatest adventures are always yet to be discovered

3.Advanced Open Water Scuba Diving

The Advanced Open Water Scuba Diving course is designed to expand your diving skills. This course builds on what you learned in the Open Water Diver course and introduces you to new activities and adventures in diving

4.EFR (Emergency First Response)

This course covers both primary and secondary care, ensuring you are well-prepared to respond to medical emergencies, not only in the context of diving but in everyday life as well.

Advance you diving skills like a pro

Samudra Adventures is here to help & guide you in all possible ways

5.Rescue Diver

The Rescue Diver course is a pivotal step in your diving education, designed to build on your existing skills and prepare you to manage dive emergencies

6.Dive Master

The Divemaster course is your first step towards becoming a diving professional. This intensive program trains you to assist instructors, lead dive activities, and manage dive operations.

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